Cancel or catch up on a course

For any given cases, you wouldn’t be able to finish your daily training session, this is not a problem at all, since the rest of your training is not lost. Only the continuity of your training will be interrupted. The next time when you pick up your training again the course will be resumed exactly where you stopped it before.

If you are shown in the course overview that there are still 1 out of 5 exercises are to be done, for instance, it might be the case that you happened to skip an exercise accidentally or that you interrupted your training deliberately. In order to finish the respective course you can either click directly on the symbol of the course or on "Continue course". Now, all remaining exercises will be loaded.


When all exercises are done, you will be shown in the course overview that you will have to continue tomorrow. The next session can only be accessed on the following day. A green dot in the weekly overview indicates that you have finished a specific trainings session, even if you have started the session on the previous day.

Of course, you can pause your training even for a longer period (e.g. when being on holidays or during an illness). Please be aware, that this will also influence the evaluation of the progress of your training.


Sign up for several courses at a time

Of course, you can also sign up for several courses at a time. Please make sure that you can spend sufficient time on the trainings you choose.

In order to sign up for several courses please visit the training page or click "Start training" and choose course overview. Now you can pick an additional course of your choice.