Normal Screen and Full Screen Mode

If you have a small screen and the font appears too small when you play an exercise, you can choose to make the game full screen.

When you begin a new game, underneath "Start Training" are two options - 'Normal Screen' or 'Full Screen'. Choose the latter if you would like the exercise to be displayed on a larger screen.

To be able to work out in full-screen mode, click 'Allow' when the black box comes up with the question 'Allow full screen with keyboard controls?'. If you press abort, you will return to the previous window.

You can always go back to the previous window by pressing Escape (Esc button in the top left corner of your keyboard). 

During an exercise, you can also change your view to full screen by pressing the icon in the top left corner of your screen (four arrows). This is recommended if you are training with exercises that only require the use of your mouse.

After changing from normal screen mode to full screen mode during an ongoing exercise, make sure you press the "Allow" button so the black box at the top of your screen disapears.

This is a requirement of Flash (Adobe), which NeuroNation has no influence over. The user will be explicity notified when changes are being made to their screen.