Family Package

The family package allows up to 3 users to use NeuroNation Premium.

How to book

With the purchase of a 12-Month-Subscription we provide the option to add the Family Package.

Add members

After successful checkout, you can manage your family or friends group in your profile settings.

First of all, the other members need to create their own account and save them with an email address and a password.

Furthermore all users have to give their consent that their data may be found by third parties. Please make sure, that all users, who you wish to add, have accepted the respective option within the privacy settings of their account (second option).

Now log in to your account, open the menu on the top right by clicking on your name or email address and choose "Friends". Please enter the email addresses of your group members and add them to your group. Now their free account is Premium as well.

Upgrade to Family Package

If you have already booked a Premium membership, you can upgrade your account at any time.

Just write us an email to

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