What are NeuroBoosters?

Our NeuroBoosters are mini exercises that help re-energize the brain and body during a busy day.

On our website, you can find NeuroBoosters under the "Extras" heading in the menu bar.

Unlike our brain training exercises, which improve your cognitive performance over the long term, NeuroBoosters cause a short-term relaxation or activation of the body and mind.

We offer NeuroBoosters for the body and mind categories. So you can choose what you need at the moment.

How do I receive reminders about the NeuroBoosters?

We offer you the option to set reminders, which will remind you to perform NeuroBoosters at a pre-set time every day via push notification.

To set a time when you would like to receive daily reminders to perform NeuroBoosters, go to "Profile" in the NeuroNation app, then "Settings" and then scroll down to the bottom to "NeuroBoosters".

You can then select any time you would like to be reminded of the NeuroBoosters on selected days.

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