Membership and prices

The deciding factor in choosing your membership is which device you want to train on:

Web version

On the one hand, you could opt for the premium membership of the web version.

In the web version, you will have a personalised training plan with over 30 highly effective exercises to effectively train your strengths and weaknesses. In addition, a placement test is conducted at regular intervals, with the evaluation of which you can track your steady progress in training.

If you book a premium membership of the web version, you will also receive automatic access to the premium full version of the app.

Terms and prices

You can find terms and prices in the following link:

You can also use this page to book for membership. Simply select one of the packages and specify the payment method (direct debit, PayPal or credit card). You can then fill in all the fields with your details step by step and complete the order by clicking the buy button at the very bottom.

Unfortunately, a monthly payment is not possible.


You can also choose to activate all premium content of our training via a third-party provider.

The corresponding prices and durations are regulated directly via Google Play or the App Store. Cancellations are then also managed via the respective store.

All information can therefore be found directly in the app when you select one of the offers.


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