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Welcome to our new website! We developed it according to the latest technical standards in order to provide you with an even better personalization within the training. From now on the sessions will continuously adapt to your personal development. With a dynamic composition of the exercises your training experience will improve.

Furthermore, your training results will be synchronized with your progress within the NeuroNation App if you use it in addition to our website on your mobile devices. This gives you a better overview of your overall progress and allows you to improve it at any time from anywhere.
Last but not least, the entire website now works without the use of the Adobe Flash Player to further improve the performance of our website.

To make the transition from the old website to the new one easier for you, we summarized the most important changes for you here:


What is new?


  • Personalized training plans instead of courses


  • New evaluation system with regular fitness tests


  • 4 instead of 8 categories: Memory, Attention, Reasoning and Speed


  • Flash-Player not necessary anymore


  • Synchronization between web and app


  • Session progress of the old website is transferred


  • Scores and difficulty levels not compatible/not transferable


  • Fresh, completely revised design for all exercises


  • Multiple new exercises





  • On the starting page you will get an overview of the current session. The selection of exercises within the session dynamically adapts to your individual progress during the training.


  • The session is part of your personalized training plan. The Training plan is made up of several individualized sessions and is based on the result of a Fitness test consisting of four tests checking your current skills. The fitness test is repeated after each completed training plan.


  • On the starting page under "Training", the current session and the exercises it contains are displayed. The session can be started or continued directly by clicking the button ("Continue session"/"Start session"). Your session can also be started by clicking on the individual exercises. If you do not want to train with the displayed exercise, you can select another exercise by clicking on "Switch exercise".


  • Under "Choose exercise" you can freely select exercises. These are then included in the evaluation and become part of the session which makes the former single training obsolete. An advantage of this is that each trained exercise becomes a part of the training plan and the evaluation. The training plan is a combination of the previous individual training and the courses. It offers a greater individuality in the arrangement of the exercises and therefore more personalization.





  • In the section "Choose Exercise" you will find all exercises and can see the current status of the respective exercises. Furthermore, all exercises are divided into four different categories (Memory, Attention, Reasoning, Speed).


  • After completing an exercise you can view your evaluation. This contains: Score (current score), Speedometer (shows the comparison value within your age group as a percentage), Progress (shows your personal progress in the respective exercise) and a score list (shows the users who scored best in the respective exercise in the current month. Through a filter, you can display only friends).



  • At the end of a session you will receive an evaluation with information on which exercise you were best at and an overview of the exercises you completed during the session.


  • After completing your current training plan, you can either start a new fitness test to get a new overall evaluation or repeat your current training plan.


  • Fitness test: One test is taken per category. When you have completed it, you will receive an evaluation of your skills in each category and a new training plan will be created based on the results.





  • In the section "Progress" the evaluation is divided into four different categories: Memory, Attention, Reasoning, Speed. Each category can be selected individually. The progress, which is determined by means of the regularly repeated fitness tests, is displayed chronologically in a bar chart. Below this you will find an overview of your performance compared to other users in all exercises that belong to the respective area (e.g. memory).


  • Unfortunately, the scores you have achieved on the old website cannot be transferred to the new evaluation because the new system is not comparable with the old one. For this reason, only the number of sessions you have completed will be transferred from the old system to the new one. If you change back to the old version, please wait about 10 minutes before continuing with your training after the change.





  • In the section "Training Priorities" you can see how the individual categories within the training plan are balanced. The initial values are based on the results of your last fitness test, but can be changed if necessary to adapt the priorities within the training plan to your needs.


  • All available exercises are listed under "Available exercises". Depending on whether you have a Premium Membership or are a free member, either all exercises or only a limited number are activated. By unchecking an exercise, you can remove one or more exercises from your training plan and add them again.


If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this topic, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail at  or by using our contact form.
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