Exercise Instructions

For almost each exercise, we offer a "Show help" button in the upper left corner of the exercise window. There you will find a detailed description of the exercise, which can guide you through several short slides. Scroll back and forth with the > and < arrow keys.

In addition explanatory texts are displayed at the beginning and during each exercise.

Switch exercises

Generally, NeuroNation offers you a personalized daily training program within different sessions. However, sometimes it may happen that you want to train with a different exercise than the default one. In this case you can of course change the current exercise at any time. Just click on "Change exercise" and you will be taken to the exercise overview where you can choose another exercise. This will then automatically become part of your current session.

In the overview ("Choose exercise"), the individual exercises are listed under the four categories of speed, reasoning, attention and memory.

Deactivate exercises

If you want to permanently exclude certain exercises from your training, you can do this under the menu item "Personalization". If you scroll to "Available exercises", you can remove the checkmarks from those exercises that you do not want to have in your current training plan.

Exercises will not load

If you start the exercises and see a blue, white, gray or black screen, this is often due to the settings in your PC. Technical problems can mainly have something to do with your browser. Please try the following solution options for this:

Delete the cookies and cache in your browser data. You can follow the instructions below according to your browser:

For Firefox, use this link:


For Chrome, this link tells you how to clear the cache:


If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this topic, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail at  or by using our contact form.
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