Training plan


Your personalized training plan consists of several individualized sessions and is based on the results of a fitness test. It is divided into four categories that test your current abilities.
After each completed training plan, the fitness test is repeated.

On the home page under "Training", the current session is displayed with the exercises it contains. The session can be started or continued directly by clicking the button ("Continue session"/"Start session"). Your session can also be started by clicking on the individual exercises in the "Choose exercise" area.

During each session, under the current exercise, you will see which exercises you have already completed and which exercises are scheduled for you next.

Since this is a flexible training plan, the algorithm may change the selection or sequence of exercises during your session. This ensures that you always train at your performance limit and always get the right exercise suggested.


Choose exercise

Under "Choose exercise" you can freely select exercises. These then flow into the evaluation and become part of your session. The advantage of this is that every exercise automatically becomes a part of the training plan and drives it forward. It offers more freedom in the composition of the exercises and at the same time more individual personalization.

In this section you will find all exercises and you can see on which current level you are in each exercise. Furthermore, all exercises are divided into four different categories: Memory, Attention, Reasoning, Speed.

After completing an exercise, you will see your evaluation. This includes:

  • Points: The score just achieved in the exercise
  • Speedometer: Comparison value within your age group in percent
  • Progress: Your personal progress in the current exercise
  • Best of month: Displays the users who have performed best in the respective exercise in the current month. You can find them by scrolling down the evaluation page. By using a filter, you can also display only your friends.


Switch exercise

If you do not want to train with the exercise currently displayed in the session, you can click on "Switch exercise" directly on the start screen and you will be taken to the overview. There you can choose another exercise.


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