What are the major changes in the new version of the app?

In May 2016, we will introduce a new version of our mobile app, including some major changes.

In the past year, we read a lot of feedback from our users. These ideas and suggestions had a great impact on the new version of the NeuroNation mobile app. We are very happy and grateful that NeuroNation has formed such a thoughtful and great community. Thank you, all of you!

These are the major changes in the new version:


  • New design: We felt we had to straighten our design to improve the usability and clarity of the app.


  • New course system: 
    • No scheduled plans anymore, but collections of exercises which are ordered by aspect for more flexibility. These collections are called categories.
    • Inside these categories, you find exercises that train the shown aspect. For example, the category "Focus" contains exercises that will help you improving your ability to concentrate.
    • The exercises in a category are ordered by difficulty. You can freely choose them, if you have enough Energy


  • Free courses and exercises! Introducing the Energy System: We want to make NeuroNation accessible to anyone, so we completely overworked our business model
    • For choosing an exercise you have to use Energy. This Energy is refilled over time. If you need more Energy for more effective exercises, you can buy it through in-app purchases.
    • This means NeuroNation will be completely free! You do not have to purchase a course anymore, you simply choose a course if you have enough energy.
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