Training and Evaluation

After starting an exercise, depending on the exercise and the level. sometimes so-called "warm-up rounds" are performed before the actual exercise.

When you have completed these, the actual exercise and evaluation of your exercise response starts.

The middle menu field sums up the points you have achieved. As soon as you have reached the goal point, the circle border changes into a star.

In the outer circle around the "Points" indicates, how far you are from the goal points.

At the top left you will see the level you are training in and the maximum level of the exercise. Below that you can see how many correct answers you still have to give in order to advance to the next higher level.

The exercises are always one and a half minutes. At the top right you will always see the remaining time until the end of the exercise. Underneath, the green bar shows you how much time you have left to answer correctly. As the level increases, it steadily decreases.

Afterwards you will receive the evaluation of your training performance.

Then tap ''Continue'' and continue the session to the next practice session.

You can also "Repeat" the exercise.


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