Book and manage family package

Book family package

On the NeuroNation website you have the possibility to book a family package in addition to your premium subscription.

With this package you activate up to two additional users for premium access.

If you already have a premium subscription with us, you can easily add the family package via the following link:

Please make sure you are already logged in to our website to access the link.

Manage family package

Once you have booked the family package, you can easily add the two additional members through your own account.

Simply go to the menu by pointing your mouse at your email address in the top right corner and then click "Friends". There you can then add the accounts (email addresses) of the group members. To do this, simply search for the email addresses of the members and then click on "Add to Group".

The only important thing is that the two other members have already created an account at NeuroNation, i.e. have registered with their respective e-mail addresses and have validated this account using the link contained in the welcome e-mail.

Otherwise, you cannot be assigned via the database. Please also note that those members who are to be added to the family package must give their corresponding consent due to the new regulations according to DSGVO.

It is therefore important that each user who is to be added has the corresponding checkmark in the corresponding provision (the second, middle option) in their privacy settings (to be found in the settings under "Privacy").

Unfortunately, for legal reasons, it is not possible to add someone to the Family Pack without the corresponding consent.

How to set up the family package is also explained in detail in the following video: LINK

We will also be happy to help you with the administration of your group, should you need further assistance. You can contact us at any time at

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