Membership, costs, purchase

We offer 2 types of membership based on the device you use.


With the Premium Membership you can train online on our website and with the NeuroNation app. On our website you will get more than 60 exercises at your disposal, including ten highly effective courses. In addition, you can detect your strengths and weaknesses via an in-depth analysis and do our web-exclusive language exercises. Additionally, our team has developed an app especially for mobile usage. The app currently contains more than 30 exercises and eight courses.

You can purchase the web based premium membership with different subscription models. For a price overview, see here:

If you are interested in one of these offers, please visit our website and choose “Premium“ from the menu.


If You like to practice only on mobile devices we recommend the training on our mobile app.

You can use on daily basis 3 exercises for free.Everyday these exercises are changing to let you discover the benefits of brain training. But to get a personalized training which constantly adapt to your needs you will need to purchase our training plans.

For this, you just have to buy one of the Premium plans and you will be directed to the payment page.